Vision for the future of voice services

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The transition to 5G networks is underway, many service providers around the world have introduced 5G NSA (non-stand-alone) services, and some have begun testing 5G SA (Standalone). Much has been written about 5G’s capabilities, from ultra-wideband to ultra-low latency, but it also promises to create new and compelling applications for voice services.

5G is a much more flexible network technology that will be used for more than mobile services, encompassing virtually any access type from mobile to fixed wireless and even wireline access. 5G will complete the voice core evolution to IMS, which in mobile networks, began with LTE. Where LTE has options to use either CS voice (CSFB) or IMS voice (VoLTE), 5G relies entirely on the IMS core to deliver voice and video communications. Long hailed as the voice technology of the future, with 5G, IMS will finally fulfill its promise.

CSPs to become relevant in the enterprise space again. Good quality, secure voice and video service are key requirements for many enterprise customers due to demanding conditions on the customer side. 5G is expected to transform enterprises, being a key technology in enabling Industry 4.0 digitalization and automation of operations and communications. Many enterprises will be turning to CSPs to provide 5G-based private wireless services, which will present opportunities to offer Vo5G services integrated into applications and use cases. Playing well with the many developers in the extended enterprise ecosystem will be key to this expansion of voice services into these new vertical applications. Integrating services with 5G voice will be founded on open APIs that enable the IMS core functionality to be used as a programmable asset to create these services. Voice as a component can be tightly integrated for revenue in addition to the underlying connectivity service.

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